London Comic-Con!


I went to London Comic-Con as Starbuck from the new BSG. Everybody was very friendly and I had a fantastic time. Also I met someone dressed as Malory Archer and may have fallen in love with them a little bit.


I’ve always got time for Adventure Time princesses.


Clobberella and Superking were in attendance. I have to say, I thought they were fictional characters, but these guys were the real deal.


This Space Marine came dressed as Harley Quinn, which proves that you can be an 8 foot tall intergalactic angel of death and still be a massive nerd.


I came away with this little figurine – very cute!


Chloe Cosplay – Life is Strange


Life is Strange is a fantastic game. If you haven’t played it yet, you should. The soundtrack is top notch and the atmosphere of the early episodes sublime. After helping out with a friend’s live action web series ( I was inspired to try my hand at a cosplay.


A friend and I attended Bristol Anime and Gaming Con ( as a gender-bent Max and Chloe and our costumes were well received. We even met a version of our female counterparts!